What do psychologists offer?

They offer objectivity and compassion.

Lorna Murphy is a registered psychologist with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She graduated from Monash University in 1997.

Since then, Lorna has worked in forensic settings, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, community health and Relationships Australia. She has been in private practice since 2009. Lorna will see individuals and couples who are age 16 and above.

Her approach has been described as creative and empowering. She aims to help people get back to themselves. She encourages us to regain our confidence and vitality. Lorna is invested in helping us navigate the suffering, trauma and grief that life brings. The focus is on resilience and recovery and getting back to a joyful meaningful existence.

The interventions are influenced by positive psychology principles which focus on our strengths and values.

Lorna helps us challenge our negative beliefs with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT.) We can also loosen the grip of anxiety and depression with acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Most of the therapy integrates resources and theories with the aim of developing emotional tolerance.

The most significant resource is you and how you can develop your “superpowers.”

It’s about learning how to trust your gut and gain emotional intelligence.

Lorna specialises in hypnosis and mindful techniques which shrink bad habits and embed new skills.

Lorna values humour and generosity. She believes we need to have some fun whilst trying to sort our issues. On this website there will be links to free resources and entertaining bits.

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